At Vermont Artisan, we purchase coffee year round at the height of the harvest, depending on the growing season. Each growing region throughout the world offers a sense of place with its own unique climates, altitudes, soils and growing conditions which come through in the flavor of the roasted beans.

Special Reserve Coffees

For a special treat try one of these rare and delicious small batch coffees. We have limited quantities of these specialty coffees so get some while they last.

See our Special Reserves

Coffee Blends

Part art, part alchemy, and part science, we work hard to mix and match various coffee beans from different regions of the world to create harmonious and flavorful blends.

See our Blended Coffee

Central American Coffee

These coffees tend to be light in body and relatively high in brightness and acidity. They’re perfect for your first cup in the morning or blended as a ‘Breakfast Blend.’

See our Central American Coffee

South American Coffee

Closely related to Central America, our coffees from South America tend to be slightly heavier bodied, but still crisp, bold, bright and high in acidity.

See our South American Coffee

Indonesian Coffee

Indonesian coffee has a heavy body, full, bold flavor and are low in acidity. Unique drying methods combined with a high altitude, tropical climate and rich soil lends a robust, almost nutty quality to these coffees.

See our Indonesian Coffee

African Coffee

Known as ‘the birthplace of coffee’, Africa has unique coffees that are sweet, fruity, with exotic overtones. Yearly trips to Africa enable us to taste and discover some truly unique, delicious, and rare coffees.

See our African Coffee

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