About Us

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea provides artisan roasted coffees and exotic teas to retail establishments,  food service markets, and to customers throughout Vermont, the North East, and via the Web. The company is owned and operated by Mané Alves, a native of Lisbon, Portugal, who has worked in the specialty coffee industry for the past 18 years, and prior to that, in the wine industry in California. Mané (pronounced “Meh-nay”)  travels extensively every year to coffee producing countries throughout Central America, South America and Asia where he speaks and teaches seminars on coffee production and quality standards. With most trips, Mané cups coffees from the latest harvests and discovers unique lots of green coffees that he purchases and has shipped back to Vermont to roast.

Farm Direct. Because of his extensive travels to source,  Mané has nurtured direct relationships with many of the coffee farms and families who cultivate the very products we sell. Speaking both fluent Spanish and Portuguese, Mané often collaborates with the farmer and Co-ops directly in a mutually beneficial way to create great tasting coffees which are fully traceable and are sustainable by current social, economic and environmental indicators.

Organic & Fair Trade Coffees. Many of Vermont Artisan Coffee’s offerings are certified Organic and Fair Trade. We offer a variety of the finest Arabica coffees from which you can choose.

Sustainability. We believe in sustainable business practices. Whether it is collaborating with farmers on best coffee growing practices, offering chemical-free, naturally processed decafs, or selecting eco-friendly packaging, we are in it for the long haul. We believe in Local First. Although coffee isn’t grown here, we purchase all our other needs as close to home as possible and embrace our local community by donating weekly to our local food shelf, supporting local fund drives with product and services, working with our high school for employment outreach, and gifting all compostable materials to local farmers and more.

Fresh Roasted Coffee. One of the keys to great tasting coffee is drinking it freshly roasted. We roast on demand and in small batches every day.

Recycle, Reuse. Your coffee will arrive in a reusable aluminum can equipped with a high-tech barrier and a resealable plastic lid. Our packaging guarantees a “just roasted” flavor for 6 months, and it encourages customers to reuse & recycle. Visit www.earth911.org and learn!

Membership. Vermont Artisan is proud to be a member of: Vermont Fresh Network, Vermont Specialty Foods Association, Vermont Chamber of Commerce, The Specialty Coffee Association of America, and the Roasters Guild. We are a certified organic processor as certified by VOF.



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